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FoamConcreteWorld.com is an independent website and has no financial interests in any other organisation or company.

Foam concrete is known by many names, Aerated concrete, Lightweight concrete,  foamed cement, foam cement, Cellular concrete, foamed mortar, mortar foam, Airated concrete, Aircrete, Lightkrete, and some brand names, Ductal, Litebuild

The International Foam Concrete Institute (IFCI) advises and assists the “FoamConcreteWorld.com” on its direction and publications, as to avoid commercialisation and bias.


This website is set up to bring the most relevant information and knowledge on Foamed Concrete (FC) materials, equipment and manufacturing methods in one place. I put new information on the site on a regular basis. Subscribe to the newsletter and you be kept up to date on whats new. 

FC is the most promising Low Cost Eco friendly building material


I started this website after two years of searching the web for low cost housing and concluded that Foam Concrete is one of the most promising building materials. I am a mechanical engineer from background with a lot of experience in design and development of projects. I have no academic affiliation, and thus often no access to the full version of the studies. This has been a drawback, but I am confident that I manage to dig up a lot of useful material.

Advancing the FC knowledge

Further research showed that many studies are duplicated, this is probably because there is no database for what is researched and used so far.            It is my intention to change this.

Other studies I found available often deals only with a few aspects of FC and are a good guide to further research.

I have reviewed academic papers, and put links in to Foam Concrete research.   Some of the research that I found overlap each other a great deal. This is probably because it is very difficult to find out what has been done and who is doing what now. We invite you to tell us of the work you are doing.

I intend to set up a register of on-going research and planned research with the aim to accelerate and advance all FC knowledge.

One of my aims is to help you to make an informed decision on what study on FC you want to do. There is a page with R&D topics that could call for some further research, and could help you to make an informed decision what topic to choose for your study.

The suppliers of chemicals, equipment and materials all claim their product is the best on the market. This may be so for their specific purpose. We  attempt put this in perspective.

Help us

We also invite everyone who is working on this “secret” receipt to tell us what you are doing, without giving your knowledge away. This may prevent doubling up of research efforts!

We do not claim to have collected all of it that is publicly available; we invite you to submit whatever contribution you can make, as long it is based on facts. Go to contact us to add your contribution

We are also looking for case studies on completed FC projects. Photos and diagrams not previously published on the net.

Video clips that show FC production.

We will be working all the time to keep this website up-to-date with the latest information available through our monthly newsletter.  Sign up, and receive the E-book “Foam Concrete”

We aim to be the best “go to” website on all matters of Foam Concrete, but I am also not a website designer, if you a have any ideas or skill to help me, you’re welcome

If you sign up to our monthly newsletter, we will not pass your address on to any other web related organisation. We will only use it to inform you of our news and updates.

Your editor Aaldert Verplanke

Artwork by Robert Kearse