Failure mechanism of Foamed Concrete with / without additives and Light weight aggregate

Hilal, Ameer Abdulrahman and Thom, Nicholas and Dawson, Andrew (2016) Failure mechanism of foamed concrete made with/without additives and lightweight aggregate. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 14 (9). pp. 511-520. ISSN 1346-8014


This is a short, nine pages, report of a larger study by these authors. They have done lots more good work on FC. All their publications are worth reading if you are studying FC. This article has a different angle than most FC studies. They look at the influence of additives in FC on the ductility. They found that adding Fly-ash, silica fume and super-plasticizers brittleness increases brittleness and adding a LYTAG LWA reduces brittleness. The made the suggestion to investigate the addition of fibres to these mixes and initiation and propagation of micro and macro cracks in FC mixes.

Hilal abstract.png