Foam Concrete is an ideal construction material for Dome houses.

The Dome shape is the “strongest” / resilient shape of all forms. The ideal dome shape transfers all forces placed upon it as a pressure force. When we build a house in this shape, we have to compromise on this of course by putting doors and windows in it. But, it is still a good starting point.

Below  are some photos of a Dome house in Wellington, New Zealand that was build in the 1970’s.  It is made from  “Ferro Cement”, but it illustrates the possibilities.

Some additional information

What the owners say about this property when they were selling it because they were downsizing.

Unique, coastal and low maintenance – you will feel a sense of encapsulation in this character 1970’s home. Even when Wellington blows her most impressive gales, you will be amazed by its ability to endure mother nature’s elements due to its genius aerodynamic shape.

The wall material is ferro-cement and naturally insulates in winter. Wait to you see how it manages to keep the house cool in the summer! You’ll save so much dollars on costly repairs – no roof, flashings, or gutters to worry about here. Easily painted inside and outside to give it a fresh look.
Approx. 110 m2 floor area

Photos and info published with permission from the present owner. Thank you Hailey and Steve.


An other way of building your dream Dome house is explained by

This method is not using FC, but it is a method you can use NOW!

20181231-183652-600x600 (1).jpg

Photo suplied by Chris Brown DomeShells Australia

Information and photos from other Dome houses that are lived in are welcome, contact me