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If you are in the UK, this company is worth a try.


EAB Associates have been involved with production of foamed concrete for nearly 30 years. Our product, EABASSOC Foaming Agent, is a highly concentrated, highly efficient, low dosage liquid that is used to make stable foam. Due to this stability we are able to provide accurate mix design calculations in advance of site work, so that you will know the exact quantities of ingredients required. We can also provide you with practical advice about making and placing foamed concrete. 
We are experienced exporters and have customers all around the world. Foamed concrete made using our foaming agent has been used for many applications including blocks and panels, roof insulation, void filling and ground stabilisation.
Our Foam Generators have been designed for use on building sites, so they are robust and reliable. They ensure that the foam produced is uniform with a consistent bubble size – ideal for making foamed concrete!

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Check out this website,

They are into making / supplying FC for thermal insulation purposes, but their promotion back up what I am saying on this website about FC.



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