International Foam Concrete Institute. (IFCI)

The purpose is to inform and educate homeowners, contractors, consultants, builders, designers, students and academics on all aspects of Foam Concrete knowledge.

The IFCI is independent and not related (or beholden) to any contractor, manufacturer, or supplier.

Our Vision

  • IFCI members will be the most informed on both technical and knowledge of FC matters.
  • IFCI members will gain leverage and respect for their knowledge and experience on FC issues.
  • The IFCI name – its products, events and publications – will be recognized and valued throughout the academic, design and construction industry.
  • To act as a portal for special events in relation to FC, such as seminars, conferences, exchange information on emergency housing and relief.
  • Commission special FC research projects and obtain funding for this.
  • Assist the world community in building low-cost safe and healthy homes

How we want to achieve this.

Collect and put the most relevant information on one website, “”

Become the “go to” database for research and developments regarding Foam Concrete that is not publicly available. Members of the IFCI have an exclusive access to this.

Provide links to suppliers, publicly available academic research papers, case studies and education providers.

How we will do this

Establish an easy to use website, collect and populate it with information regarding all aspects of FC.

Encourage website visitors to contribute information and academic publications or links to these.

Provide a newsletter to members.

Companies and professionals are invited to nominate themselves and others until further notice.

IFCI has now the following board members

A. Mandemaker Consultant

A . Verplanke administrator and website

Function of the IFCI board members.

To oversee the direction and publications of the website content and advice the editor of their opinion. Decide the spending of income on remuneration, research projects, and publication expenses such as copyright or access to publications.

There will be a minimum of five board members and a maximum of nine.

Make-up of the board, representatives of

  • Universities
  • FC chemicals and equipment producers
  • construction contractors
  • manufacturers of FC products
  • Consultants

Tasks of board members

To advice the editor of the contents of the website.

To contribute to the contents of the website.

All administrative work will be executed by the website editor or its delegate.

Board members are invited to become a board-member of IFCI by the board, the website editor has an advisory role in this.

Board members can be expected to be rewarded for the contributions to the boards’ activities.

The board can appoint a person or organisation to execute a defined task and approve the resulting expenses.

Financial matters of the Institute

The income of the IFCI is from IFCI members, donations, and a % of the advertising revenue of the website.

The IFCI is a financial independent legal entity from the website or any other organisation.

The IFCI income spending is limited to: remuneration of the board members for contributions and expenses, and assisting in FC research projects, education, and publications.

At no time should the board take on any responsibilities that can result in a financial liability beyond what is the IFCI able to pay at the time of decision making.

Take part in the on-line conference of board members, expected to be four per year up to one hour long.

Benefits of Membership

While the IFCI associated website continue to be readily available to anyone requiring information on Foam Concrete and construction issues, there are benefits arising from membership of the Institute.

Membership :

Student membership

  • A copy of our monthly e-newsletter
  • Access to our knowledge database (under construction)
  • Membership forum where items can be discussed.
  • Suggest special R&D topics

Corporate membership:

also entitles you to:

  • Suggest board members and vote for them
  • Attend board meetings (virtual)

Contact me with your details and suggestions