Foam Concrete is an ideal low cost building material.


  • Does not rot
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to make
  • Low cost compared to other building materials and methods
  • Good Thermal Insulation & sound damping (depending on density)
  • Not affected by rodent or insects
  • Strong enough to be used in load bearing walls ( Depending on local requirements)
  • Low labour input compared to most building methods
  • Low need for specialist knowledge and skill
  • Eco friendly material and can be 100% recycled

Due to its properties, the floor, walls and roof, all made from FC, create a well insulated, healthy home. This saves on material and labor cost.

Depending on the construction method the cost compared to a “conventional” building method and materials the saving can be up to 70%, but this is different for every country and how a “conventional” building is made.

The used construction methods are the same as for “normal” concrete, but the advantage is that FC has  a better thermal insulation factor, is sound damping, after curing it is easily cut, the inner and outer surface needs only a coat of paint.

The construction methods that used are:

  • Blocks, made by the DIY or in a factory
  • Panels, small ones DIY, larger modular systems or custom made
  • Pour on site using form-work

Other advantages:

  • Only one material needed to construct floor, walls and the roof of a home
  • Reducing the waste created.
  • Less time needed to build the home. Fewer different labour skills needed.
  • Environmentally friendly material

See  construction methods under the construction page

Local conditions determines the most economical method

An alternative in eco building, check this site out:


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