Foam Concrete is an ideal low cost building material.


  • Does not rot
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to make
  • Low cost compared to other building materials and methods
  • Good Thermal Insulation & sound damping (depending on density)
  • Not affected by rodent or insects
  • Strong enough to be used in load bearing walls ( Depending on local requirements)
  • Low labour input compared to most building methods
  • Low need for specialist knowledge and skill
  • Eco friendly material and can be 100% recycled

Due to its properties, the floor, walls and roof, all made from FC, create a well insulated, healthy home. This saves on material and labor cost.

Depending on the construction method the cost compared to a “conventional” building method and materials the saving can be up to 70%, but this is different for every country and how a “conventional” building is made.

The used construction methods are the same as for “normal” concrete, but the advantage is that FC has  a better thermal insulation factor, is sound damping, after curing it is easily cut, the inner and outer surface needs only a coat of paint.

The construction methods that used are:

  • Blocks, made by the DIY or in a factory
  • Panels, small ones DIY, larger modular systems or custom made
  • Pour on site using form-work

Other advantages:

  • Only one material needed to construct floor, walls and the roof of a home
  • Reducing the waste created.
  • Less time needed to build the home. Fewer different labour skills needed.
  • Environmentally friendly material

The link below gets you to a real example of Low Cost housing made with FC. The website is made by a project manager with 30 years experience in this field.

Below is a link to an animation of a simular system as shown in the above website.

See  other construction methods under the construction page


FC Blocks used to build a house in China. photo supplied by eabassoc

Finished house build with FC blocks, photo supplied by eabassoc

Local conditions determines the most economical method

An alternative in eco building, check this site out:

Block Building method

Below is a link to a booklet on a block building method suitable for countries where a high standard of sysmic strenght is required. You will notice this booklet refers to the New Zealand building code. At the same time it is possible to use this system to make your own bricks and build your house. The ouside cladding they recommend is for the ACC blocks as they have a high moisture absoption rate. You can make FC with a lower rate if you use the required additieves. But still a moisture barier on the outside is recommended.

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